Hi, I am Megan Wright and last year I used the summary book for matric to help me study. It worked very well for me because it had 10 dividers so I could do all my subjects in one book, helping me to keep all my notes in one place. I felt like my marks improved after using this book as before I had the book I was always misplacing my notes. Going into the next term, I’d have to redo notes wasting so much as I would pay so much attention to redoing them, that eventually, I would just give up because I was rewriting the same thing over again! Having had this book in matric helped me so much because it also motivated me to study as the majority of my notes were completed already. I was basically reading over, revising and adding in extra points if needed. Something I really enjoyed having was the goal page right in front because I would constantly go back to it and want to improve my efforts to reach the goals I had set out for myself. I clearly remember hitting those goals and sometimes even higher. The feeling was amazing!  I would honestly recommend this system as it helped me so much in my matric year.

Megan, 2018 matriculant

I have been using the MASN study system since the beginning of the year. It has helped me in various subjects such as English, Social Science, Natural Science, Maths and even Afrikaans.  It is such an efficient and easy way of studying because it just puts you on top of everything. It has improved my marks a lot since I started using the system. It is very helpful with exams; I just have to go over my notes and revise.

Mia Gr 6

Natalie was fantastic in explaining how the study system worked to my daughter, Mia.  Instead of Mia spending hours going over all her work in preparation for exams, she now does her revision daily which has greatly decreased the amount of time she spends studying in general.  These hours have been replaced with good quality studying thanks to the summary notes which she can now revise before prepping for any exams or tests. Her marks have increased every term, and her maths mark has gone up by more than 10%.  She has received distinctions in two subjects; otherwise, she gets between 70 and 80%. We really recommend this study system for any parent as it will set your child’s study skills up for life.

Ingeborg, Mia’s Mom

My boys, Thomas (14) and James (11) have been using the My Amazing Study Notes system for the last two terms and I have seen a definite improvement in their marks.  They were both averaging in the mid-60s when they started using it, and are now averaging in the upper to late 70s. Thomas (in Gr 8) achieved 6 distinctions last term, and they were mainly for his studying subjects!  The boys have readily taken to setting goals for themselves and they are both aiming for an 80 average this term. The great thing with this system is that it helps avoid the whole cramming technique and helps my boys to be disciplined and responsible for their studies.  I highly recommend MASN.

Kate, Mom of 2 Boys

Hi everyone at MASN, I just wanted to say thank you for this system.  It has helped me so much with my studies. In the first term, I didn’t use it to its full potential, but in this second term, I have been disciplined and used it properly.  I have gone from the mid-50s to the upper 60s, early 70s in one term. I am grateful to have MASN because it’s a system that really works. I really, really want to get into the 80s and I know that with MASN and the discipline that it’s taught me, that goal is totally achievable.  I look forward to using My Amazing Study Notes until matric and beyond.

Ross Gr 9

As parents, we were struggling to find a tool that our son could use to focus his independent study efforts on in a manageable way.  We required something that cohesively considered all of his subjects. In parallel, we needed a way to monitor and track his progress.  My Amazing Study Notes was an excellent tool that we discovered. Within a term of our son using My Amazing Study Notes, coupled with parental tracking and assistance, his marks increased on average 15 – 20%.  (Mike, dad of Ross Gr 9)

Mike, Ross’s Dad